Hidden Deep in the Crypto World

There are marvelous gems of symmetry and beauty. They are the secret building blocks of cryptography and of any possible metaverse. We discovered them by chance and today we want to share them with the world.

CryptoSyngularity is a NFT collection of crypto art singularities. Each of them is unique, with astonishing abstract beauty and glimmering symmetries. Looking into them we see the infinity and its perfection. No two of them are the same, making each of them absolutely peculiar and unique.

What is a singularity ?

It is an element which has such peculiar characteristics of beauty, symmetries and innate infinities that make it absolutely unique among the other elements

Why each CryptoSyngularity is unique ?

Blue and red zones are respectively the yin and the yang of the singularity. They blend together in an unique way in each singularity but always providing an overall equilibrium and a soft harmony. Uniqueness has its origin in the algorithm which is used to discover the cryptosyngularities.

Which are the features of each NFT ?

When yin and yang are in perfect equilibrium we have a white zone, there is no movement there and therefore a perfect stability. The movement of yin and yang is required to generate the perfect stability of the white, the existence of stable white zones is essential to sustain the dynamic of yin and yang.

The percentage of blue, white and red are peculiar to each CryptoSyngularity. They are part of the features of the NFT and they contribute to its rarity.

Each CryptoSyngularity NFT is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you and it cannot be replicated.